Smith Guitars Artists

Just a few of the professional musicians who use Smith guitars, basses & Tone Garden pickups (click on photos to enlarge) :

John Acosta is the guitarist and lead singer in the “Bee Gees Gold” show that tours world wide:

John holding his custom “Acostacaster” Riviera

Hailing from San Jose, CA and currently guitarist for the legendary Righteous Brothers, John Wedemeyer is also the guitarist for Led Zepplin USA.  A first call guitarist, John has supported many artists including Clint Holmes, Susan Anton and Lucy Arnez among many others.  John owns 3 Smith guitars, the Supernatural, Frontier and Riviera.

John playing his “Frontier” model with Michael Grimm

John in the shop holding his Supernatural.

Billy Cobham alumni member Ray Mouton playing his Smith “Sands” model guitar.



Matt Baldoni (pictured here with his Smith “Stardust” model guitar).  Matt plays for Cirque Du Soleil “Ka” and is currently a member of the Australian Bee Gees show at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.  Read Matt’s comments (click).


Guitarist Mark Hall Speights owns 2 Smith guitars – a custom made Riviera and a Stardust. Mark has performed with Little Anthony and the Imperials, Chuck Berry, Chuck Mangione, Charo and many others. He was signed by famous record mogul Clive Davis to Columbia along with Melissa Manchester and Barry Manilow. During this time his band opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd in touring concerts. In the 1980s he worked at various strip hotels and also for the Peppermill and Flamingo Hilton in Reno. He later relocated to Orlando, Fl where he worked as a contractor and musician for Walt Disney World. For the last 11 years he has been working in the Las Vegas area for various shows including, the Australian Bee Gees and Motown type acts Spectrum & Radiance. Mark is currently preparing for a tour with another Bee Gees tribute called, “Bee Gees Gold.


Mark with his custom Riviera model guitar (left) and his Stardust guitar.



Legendary producer, artist and musician Neil Merryweather plays two basses he designed and had built by Neil Smith – the Merryweather designed “M” and also the Merryweather “Bow.”  The M bass also features Tone Garden pickups.  For More information on Neil Merryweather visit his website.

First call Las Vegas Guitarist Jeff Ray (Boyz II Men, Jersey Boys and many others)  playing his Smith “Sands” & Stardust models

Jeff Ray pictures playing his Sands SA (synth access) guitar.

Multi instrumentalist Chris Kennison owns three Smith guitars: Supernatural SA (synth access), Stardust & Riviera.

Above: Chris Kennison with his Stardust guitar . . .

Denver rock and blues player Steve Crenshaw with his Crenshaw model Stardust