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Vegas Guitars

Thanks for looking us up! Since moving to Las Vegas in 1990 we have become blessed with a very robust fretted instrument repair business. We are very grateful to our customers for their continuing support in our endeavor to provide the very best quality of service possible.

We specialize in repairs and custom building – we are not a store we’re a luthier owned shop; we specialize in repair, maintenance and modifications. Also we are quite busy with warranty service – in fact we are the only Gold and Custom shop certified repair shop in Las Vegas, NV – Fender’s highest certifications.

Our customers get more than just product support – Susi & I own the place – we have a vested interest in making sure you’re satisfied with our work. We want to see you in our shop again. We love building and repairing fretted instruments and life goes on. However the bottom line stays the same – the customer comes first – always. Thank you for taking the time to read this – we wish you and your instrument many happy years.

Neil Smith – owner